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AltınBaşak Gear  the most reliable companies in its sector and is preferred to be among the principal, who has organized management and quality policy in this direction.

In order to maintain the continuity of this policy has identified the following main headings:

  • To prevent the disruption of production and services to our customers, machinery and gear industry needs to provide effective and reliable.
  • For this purpose, the world's technology, which monitors standards in designing products that exceed customers' expectations.

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Altınbaşak Gear Industries 1 module, 10 modules up straight and helical(diameters up to 10 mm-600 ml) manufactured in gear.

Liso Gear, Gear cutting, Crushing Poly-V Pulley, Gear Grinder, sprockets Roller Mill, Roller Flour Mill Gears More

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No  : +90 332 248 25 36
Fax : +90 332 251 42 14
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