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Altinbasak Gear Industry.

Altinbasak Gear Industry for many years to grow in the same industry production capacity and knowledge developed by combining the best in technology and quality standards are continuing to work without stopping to catch.

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Kırmalı ve Liso Poli-V Kasnakları Pleated and Liso Poly-V Pulleys
Liso Dişliler Pleated Liso Gears
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Our Activity Areas

Liso Gear, Gear cutting, Crushing Poly-V Pulley, Gear Grinder, sprockets Roller Mill, Roller Flour Mill Gears More

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No  : +90 332 248 25 36
Fax : +90 332 251 42 14
e-mail : info@altinbasakdisli.com.tr

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